Sara LeBlanc Bio

Welcome! My name is Sara Le Blanc and I have been in education for over twenty years as I am a certified guidance counselor grades K-12. In 2009, I returned to my hometown Mt. Pleasant after working away for many years. It is a privilege to work with your child to help to provide life skills so that your son/daughter may successfully navigate his/her elementary school experience.

What does an elementary guidance counselor actually do? I meet once every two-weeks with each elementary class at the four elementary schools for a guidance lesson. Our curriculum covers a variety of topics much the same way a teacher covers the academic curriculum, but a significant difference is that the guidance curriculum lessons concentrate on your child’s social and emotional development. My role is to help children find their voice so that they may communicate their needs in a healthy and respectful manner as well as provide skills for children so that when they encounter difficulty they will have a plan in place so that life’s challenges will be handled successfully and as a result their self-concept will be strengthened. Some of the topics that we will focus on include the following:

Skills Needed to Get Along in a Classroom,

Respectful Listening,

Skills To Calm Down and Communicate When We Are Angered,

How To Deal With Conflict Successfully,

The Process To Seek Help When It is needed

Working Well In A Group Stranger/Danger

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or contact your child’s school.

Kindest Regards,
Sara Le Blanc Elementary Counselor